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Adjustable Bases

Contour Pure Gold Massage Base
New Arrival
CAD $1,099.00 CAD $2,100.00

Back by popular demand is the Ergomotion Contour Pure Gold Massage adjustable base!

Features Include:

  • Wireless Remote
  • 3 Programmable Presets to save all of your favourite positions
  • Zero G position to help relieve lower back, hip and knee pain
  • Silent Drive German made Okin motors with 650 LB lift capacity
  • Head + Foot Elevation allowing you to stop at any position
  • Advanced Wallhugger Technology keeps you closer to your bedside table in a sitting position
  • 4 Height Options
  • Zero Clearance Design makes this base platform bed friendly
  • 20 year limited warranty
  • 6 Level Relaxation motors
  • 4 USB Charging Ports to allow you to charge your devices with ease

Due to popular demand, deliveries are delayed. Please contact us for more information or to pre-order at (647) 646-5382 or via Chat. 

Quest 2.0 Adjustable Base
CAD $749.00 CAD $1,499.00

The Quest 2.0 adjustable base features full head and foot articulation in a sleek lightweight design.

Features Include:

  • Full Head + Foot Elevation
  • Wireless 5 Button Remote
  • Whisper Quiet Motors
  • Adjustable Leg Height
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
    Contour Elite Platinum 950 Adjustable Base Contour Elite Platinum 950 Adjustable Base
    New Arrival
    CAD $1,999.50 CAD $3,499.00

    The Contour Elite Platinum 950 adjustable base offers is the top of the line base available and comes in a beautiful bedroom finish. Featuring 4 German made Okin motors to give the you unparalleled comfort and support.

    Delivery of all size base(s) - currently delayed due to high demand.   Please contact us for more information or to pre-order at (647) 646-5382 or via Chat. 

    Features Include:

    • Full Head + Foot¬†Elevation
    • Adjustable pillow tilt control for the perfect alignment¬†
    • Lumbar control motor for adjustable lower back support
    • Underbed Lighting
    • Iphone + Android app control
    • 4 USB charging ports
    • 6 level massage
    • Advanced wallhugger technology to keep you close to your bedside table in a sitting position¬†
    • Programmable preset positions to allow you to save all of your favourite positions¬†
    • Zero¬†G
    • 20 Year Limited Warranty
    Ergomotion Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base Ergomotion Quest 2.5 Adjustable Base
    CAD $999.00 CAD $1,999.00

    The Ergomotion Quest 2.5 adjustable base is lightweight yet strong and is beautifully designed to appeal to a proactive health and wellness lifestyle choice.


    • Head & Foot Articulation
    • Wireless Flashlight Remote
    • 6 Level Massage
    • One Touch Flat Position Preset
    • Zero G Position Preset
    • 3 ‚Äď Programmable Presets
    • Underbed Lighting
    • Dual USB
    • Wand ‚Äď Voice Activated System
    • Foldable
    • 2‚ÄĚ Shroud
    • Adjustable Legs (Height Options: 3", 6", 9" & 12‚ÄĚ)
    • Silent Whisper German made Okin Motors with 450lb lift capability
    • 10-Year Limited Warranty with Ergomotion
    Pure Slim Adjustable Base Pure Slim Adjustable Base
    CAD $749.50 CAD $1,399.00

    The Pure Slim adjustable base by Ergomotion features full head & foot elevation in a slim package allowing this base to be used in virtually any bed frame!

    The Features include: 

    • Wireless Remote
    • Whisper Quite Motors
    • Full Head + Foot Elevation
    • Zero clearance design to allow for use on platform beds
    • Adjustable leg height
    • Flat Button
    • 20 Year Limited Warranty
    CAD $849.00

    For years people had to make sacrifices to their bedroom to accomodate an adjustable base. The element elite solves that by providing all of the benefits of elevation without any drawbacks.


    That's because this base does not require legs and is ultra low profile. This means it can be inserted between an exisiting mattress and box spring or added to a platform base to make any bed adjustable.


    Features a wireless remote for full head and foot articulation. Also comes with a preset flat button and backup power box in case of a power outage

    CAD $1,899.00

    New to Leva Sleep is the world renowned Leggett & Platt! 

    S-Cape model features:

    • Head and foot articulation
    • Wallhugger Engineering
    • Reprogrammable Anti-snore, zero gravity and 4 custom positions
    • Full-body dual massage with wave
    • Microhook retention system
    • Dual USB hub
    • Under-bed lighting
    • 850 lb lift capacity
    • Zero clearance foundation
    • Emergency power-down feature
    Ergomotion Quest 1.0
    CAD $599.00 CAD $1,199.00

    The Quest 1.0, features:

    • Adjustable head elevation
    • Smooth Power‚ĄĘ
    • Whisper Quiet Motors
    • System 600lb weight limit
    • 10-Year Limited Warranty
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